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My name is Wojciech Harasimowicz

I’m a live sound engineer, recording engineer and music composer. My adventure with music began in 2007 and continues until now. Initially, I was a hobbyist recording classical electronic music inspired mainly by Jean Michel Jarre. Over time, I developed more and more, matured into other musical genres, and at the same time found another great passion – sound engineering. Currently I work at NOSPR (National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra) as a sound engineer and after work I compose music, record and mix recordings. Currently, I compose symphonic and epic music with elements of electronic, metal and djent.

Passion generate professionalism

My passion for music guided me in making the most important decisions in my life. It’s thanks to music that I am where I am. Passion makes me constantly improve what I do and willingly explore aspects of music that are unknown to me.

I play piano and bass guitar. I have made several stage episodes. These experiences allow me to put myself in the musician’s shoes and understand his vision of the piece. Many professional musicians appreciated my work, empathy and understanding of the problems they encounter during recordings and concerts.


Working around classical and jazz music has developed me a lot. I learned a lot of interesting instruments and their capabilities. Working at NOSPR taught me, above all, humility and that there is no point in trying to improve what is already perfect.

Working with me is very simple and transparent. My main assumption is to treat each composition/sound production individually. I try to maintain quick and honest contact with the client.


Companies and people who trusted me